JEWEL LAB by Andrea & Fabrizio

JEWEL LAB is fine jewelry by Costa Rican designer and goldsmith Andrea Castillo and renowned Italian Master of Art Fabrizio Acquafresca. A fusion of art, science, design and two different cultures together.

Our jewelry and objects of art are mainly one of a kind, to celebrate the uniqueness in each person, in each story. All are meticulously handcrafted in precious metals and gems… Full of art and craftsmanship, elegance and mindful attention to all details

Andrea can defined as a scientific artist, by virtue of her past profession as a pharmacist. And from Chemistry, which is for excellence the discipline of transformations, has acquired the old alchemical ability to transform passion into the project, and the project into a jewel.

Andrea is this: A beautiful muse in which art and science are fused like a hug between Love and Psyche, and from this eclectic union is that JEWEL LAB was born.

Fabrizio is a Maestro in the art of chasing and repoussé, a technique consists of moving  metal using hammer and special chasing tools that are handcrafted by himself using the traditional, centuries-old, Italian style. This tradition runs in his family for 17th generations.

Currently he is distinguished worldwide by his superior skills and creativity, and is dedicated to create his own pieces of art, and to share his knowledge and skills by organizing workshops all around the world.