This collection is born from the observation and interpretation from Andrea, as frequent traveler and jewelry designer, of one of the most beautiful and important areas of Italy, the Tuscan region. 

Is characterized by its elegance and versatility, reflected through textures that represent elements that have been essential in the development and splendor of four of the most important cities of Tuscany: Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena. These four textures are transformed into rings, earrings and bracelets of different sizes and shapes.

FLORENCE: Lattice or grid style, inspired by the different textures of the five gates that surround this legendary city.

LUCCA: Its famous stone wall that even today is almost intact, results in a texture reminiscent of the effect of the stone.

PISA: Mimics the effect of light reflection on the sea, which has been a vital element for the splendor of this famous city.

SIENA: Surrounded by beautiful small hills full of crops and fertile soil that in spring gets a particular color, which makes its famous ¨Terra di Siena¨ so special, and brings the inspiration for the last texture.